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"Yoga Teacher Training for Body Mind Soul"

Official International Yoga Day is Declared to be held on 21st June of Every Year from 2015 by UN General Assembly. Every Country has Stepped Forward to Celebrate it and you should too.Therefore, the World Needs More skilled Yoga Teachers and Yoga Marg is Better Option for Yoga Teacher Training in India. key

Why Us

It’s a good question that why peopleshould opt for Yoga Marg to learn yoga. and it has a good answer too- At Yoga Marg, we all arefamily in spite of our country, religion, language and other differences. We don’t just give yogatraining for commercial purposes (although we charge fees for training) but we see ourselves associal worker because we are serving the society in the most efficient way we can.We arecontributing to human’s present and future in the best possible way by spreading yoga everywhere.We don’t need to tell yoga’s benefits because almost every other person knows about it and alsowhat. key1

Yoga Teachers

Shail is the ERYT 200 yoga teacher andcertified with Yoga alliance USA. Our yoga school is not an organization or institute, itconsists of all the qualities of a real family and this applies to our yoga faculty too. Shail isthe Man of Pure Dedication and also he is the one who mostly influence the feeling of familyaround everyone. Yoga Faculty has always believed in the guidance of family by its guardians andelders. Shail has started his yoga journey at the mere age of 16 His interest and aspirationtowards yoga has differentiated him from everyone whose life purposes are to live in materialworld. key1

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala

ymhpOur Yoga school is located in lowerDharamkot (village) just above Dharamsala and McLeod Ganj. Far-far away from cities and theirnoises.Our school has almost all the yoga courses in India with very professional yoga teachersteaching in Dharamsala, this branch of our Yoga school franchise. We call it YOGA MARG meaning‘Path of Yoga’. You can learn yoga and pranayam in the most natural environment and this whole experience canchange your views on life and it is our guarantee that you will never forget about this visit inyour whole life.We don’t need to tell that what yoga can do or what are its magic because it willtake a couple of books to tell and still this will be not enough. So, this topic should be leftfor now.Coming again to the topic, Yoga Marg is every hygienic be it hall or individual rooms.There are lots of activities that are conduct in the free time for bringing more spirituality andrelaxation to everyone. And one more important thing is that we have best yoga teachers trainingin India. key1

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

ymhp2Rishikesh is the “World Capital of Yoga”,although it is an unofficial tag but no place can take this tag from Rishikesh. ‘Yoga andRishikesh’ these are the two words that can’t be separated from each other.Lord Shiva himselfrevealed to saints about yoga so, its origin is related to Hindu religion. It is a pure sciencewhich we sometime thought is nothing less than magic. Rishikesh is the place where many saintsand gurus has meditated in the previous time, even today you can see saints meditating andwandering on the roads of Rishikesh. This city’s name is written in Gold in the history of yogaand meditation. The old, sacred and 100s of year old temples, Himalayas with the holy Gangesflowing make Rishikesh a magical place to learn yoga. These words are not just in saying, but youwill feel the same when you will experience all of this.In Rishikesh, yoga is fast becomingbusiness and there is also a downfall in quality of ashrams and yoga centers. Now you don’t feelthat visiting Rishikesh and taking yoga course. key1

Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

ymhp1We don’t only teach yoga and pranayam but we always try to change the way you view and live yourlife. We wanted to help everyone who come to us with everything we have. We charge fees from youbut at the same time we give you something which is very unique and priceless- Yoga. We bring youpeace, healthy body, opening your mind completely and give the power and energy to do everythingright and take right decisions, all of this at a same time. We guarantee that after some days youwouldn’t want to go from here at any cost because of all the things we are offering you. In Goa,our yoga school/resort is spread over 5 acres of land near the beach providing you the option ofdoing yoga on an exotic beach and creating new experience. Our students loves us and we love themback. We have beautiful cottages for your residing with furnished room which are maintained in asimple luxury inspired by traditional yogis, all the cottages have toilets and bathroom with 24/7hot water supply. key1

RYS 200 Yoga Alliance USA Yoga Teacher Training Course In 3 Beautiful Places of India

1mountain-now-print Dharamsala 1mountain-3-xxl Rishikesh 3beach-xl Goa.

Course Syllabus : 2Right Techniques, Training and Practice 2Right Teaching Methodology 2Right Anatomy and Physiology 2Right Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers 2Right Self Practice

Yoga Teacher Training in India

NoYoga Teacher Training in DharamsalaYoga Teacher Training in RishikeshYoga Teacher Training in Goa
014th Apr. to 30th Apr. 201606th 03rd Feb .201625th 22nd Nov.20155
023rd May. to 30th May. 20166th Feb. to 4th March. 201625th 23rd Dec.20155
034th Jun. to 30th Jun.20167th Mar. to 3rd Apr. 201606th 03rd Feb. 2016
043rd Jul. to 30th Jul. 20164th Apr. to 30th Apr. 20165th Feb. to 4th March 2016
053rd Aug. to 30th Aug. 20163rd May. to 30th May. 20167th Mar. to 3rd Apr. 2016
* Registration Fees Euro 300/- Per Student. to Reserve Your Seat fill our application Form Here
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Locations Upcoming Course :


Yoga Teacher Training 06th 03rd Feb .2016.


Yoga Teacher Training 06th 03rd Feb .2016.


Yoga Teacher Training 4th Apr. to 30th Apr. 2016.