It’s a good question that why people should opt for Yoga Marg to learn yoga.

And it has a good answer too- At Yoga Marg, we all are family in spite of our country, religion, language and other differences. We don’t just give yoga training for commercial purposes (although we charge fees for training) but we see ourselves as social worker because we are serving the society in the most efficient way we can.

We are contributing to human’s present and future in the best possible way by spreading yoga everywhere. We don’t need to tell yoga’s benefits because almost every other person knows about it and also what yoga can do to your mind, body and soul.

And that’s where we come, we offer very intriguing experience in our yoga centers by not just training but also by creating spiritual and natural environment, indulging interesting people & activities and most importantly training yoga students who can attain the knowledge of yoga completely and understand it’s all aspects with full heart.

Our Teachers:-

Yoga is the answer of all stress and tension in the life and doesn’t require a fortune to be spent on it. You don’t have to buy machines to do yoga, but need an interest and knowledgeable yoga teacher who can inspire you to adopt healthy lifestyle and teach you yoga for maintaining this healthy life. The idle yoga teachers described above are the teachers at Yoga Marg, who will inspire and teach you greatly. A person can’t learn yoga and know its meaning, techniques and other relevant details by books, e-books or videos. Knowledgeable yoga teacher is necessity for learning yoga and our teachers will guide, teach and also assist you in creating harmony between your mind, body and soul.

They are professional yoga teachers who have possessed yoga knowledge by great yogis and now they are fulfilling their duty by teaching others. Our yoga teachers teach everyone in a different manner, keeping inn view their personality and aim for learning yoga. They believe that everyone is different and should be approached differently while training. At Yoga Marg, you can learn yoga for yourself or for teaching purpose with best possible environment and teachers. Our yoga teacher training course and all students who pass it are certified by many trustable authorities around world and India like, Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance International and Govt. of India.


Our programs are designed to suit every student and can be modified slightly for their convenience. It is our prime duty to deliver YOGA- meaning that we just don’t teach asans (postures) and pranayam but also invention stories and detailed information about various yoga styles, how they are found, their benefits, meditation knowledge. All in all you can say that we just don’t provide yoga but all the information and deep knowledge behind it.

Note:- It should also be noted that a yoga is not a RELIGION or part of it, although its origin is traced back to Hindu lord Shiva but any person who belong to any religion can adopt yoga in his/her life.

We create a spiritual environment which is necessary for experiencing spiritual aspect of yoga by organizing kirtan and prayer meetings, imparting knowledge about Vedic times and notable yogis who had influenced yoga to a great extent. This environment has wider benefits as it encourage a student to take more interest in yoga by feeling inner peace and happiness all around.

Yoga Teacher Training Center Program:-

Our teaching courses like RYT 200 and RYT 300 Courses are made up in such a way to suit every student keeping in mind their yoga knowledge and practice.

Note: – a person must have basic knowledge about yoga and basic postures like suryanamaskar and simple postures to adopt these courses.

RYT 200 Course is designed for exploring various postures and pranayam benefits on body as well as on mind and how to achieve health and maintain healthy lifestyle with peace of mind by doing asans, focusing on mind’s peace and calming your senses. This course reflects light on body and mind aspect of yoga by making body healthy and clearing your mind and we also held bonfires, prayer meetings, etc for complete body-mind harmony.

RYT 300 Course dwell deeply on spiritual aspect of yoga by imparting deep meditation session, long silence sessions and more complex pranayams. At the same time this course also unify mind, body and soul of a person because of undertaking of different aspects and styles and asans of yoga which ultimately result in complete harmony of the three and that’s what yoga is all about- balancing mind, body and soul.

Both courses/programs extensively cover tips on topic such as proper teaching techniques, how to avoid injuries and how to help students progress correctly and effectively from novice to a professional level.