Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

About Rishikesh:-

Rishikesh is the “World Capital of Yoga”, although it is an unofficial tag but no place can take this tag from Rishikesh. ‘Yoga and Rishikesh’ these are the two words that can’t be separated from each other.Lord Shiva himself revealed to saints about yoga so, its origin is related to Hindu religion. It is a pure science which we sometime thought is nothing less than magic. Rishikesh is the place where many saints and gurus has meditated in the previous time, even today you can see saints meditating and wandering on the roads of Rishikesh. This city’s name is written in Gold in the history of yoga and meditation. The old, sacred and 100s of year old temples, Himalayas with the holy Ganges flowing make Rishikesh a magical place to learn yoga. These words are not just in saying, but you will feel the same when you will experience all of this.

In Rishikesh, yoga is fast becoming business and there is also a downfall in quality of ashrams and yoga centers. Now you don’t feel that visiting Rishikesh and taking yoga course was one of a lifetime moments. All of this is because of selfishness to earn money, but We Yoga Marg can be trusted in the quality aspect easily because we do all of this just not for us but for you too. We charge a fee from you for teaching Yoga and at the same time we give you something which is ‘Priceless – Yoga’. We work for everybody and always tries to make sure that you are satisfied with everything.

Yoga Marg has all the yoga courses in India available with very professional and experienced yoga teachers training in Rishikesh. Our school offers traditional hath yoga training for both beginners and intermediary learners. We organize everything as per your convenience, so you don’t have to think about anything.We organize residential course so a trainee is send to your resident for teaching yoga, pranayam, asans, meditation and chanting to give you the most comfortable experience (as it is in your own home) with making you spiritually strong and increasing your knowledge about yoga and Indian traditions related to it.‘Yoga is magic’- this phrase can be only understood by those who really did it and not just do it, but do it correctly and for a long duration. And that’s where we come, we just don’t offer a yoga course but we offer a chance to wait and see your life with more clarity, to do things rationally and last but not the least a tour into a magical world.

Rishikesh is just like any other city in the world which means that it will include noise but the place where Yoga Marg is situated, is chosen very carefully keeping in mind the need of peace and needed natural surroundings. You will live where nature is all around you just like yogis and will be doing yoga in the most natural way. Our accommodation is simple yet comfortable inspired by simple life leaded by saints, yogis and gurus.

Why You Should Learn Yoga in India:-

Yoga is found in India and India is the only place where people can learn yoga in the most natural form and authentically because we (Indians) know everything about yoga and we don’t have to download e-books to learn yoga. There is large number of yoga teachers training in India and in foreign countries too and they are doing this job very well. And we have these same yoga teachers training in Rishikesh for us.There is a question that pops to often in someone’s mind who had never done yoga.

Does yoga really works that much as it is described?

Now, before answering this question does anybody thought that if, yoga doesn’t work than why people are crazy about it. Because the ultimate and universal answer to the above question is YES !!!! Yoga really works as much as you can imagine and lot more.It is not some exercise but it is that magic which can transform you completely from mind, body and most important your soul. It will clear all the things that you can’t understand, it will make you a balanced person with balanced emotions, it will un-complicate everything in your life and you would start taking best decisions naturally and most important thing for which everybody would give a fortune to have is that- it will give a peaceful life even if you’re in the middle of the most nosiest city in the world.

Now, it’s time to talk about the good no, great effects of yoga on body. Every pranayam and pose have different benefits and results, so it is most needed that you know what kind of yoga course you are doing and if it is exactly what you need. As we have national/international yoga teachers, they would consider every person by seeing their need and then chalking out which aasans, poses and pranayams are best suited to them and also providing every single bit of information to them. Either you want to slim down or want to strengthen your body yoga is answer to all and giving the confidence you desire.
Lastly, I have told you many things about yoga and now it depends on you if you want to experience every single thing written above. You can see the effects of yoga on your physiology and psychology.
Yoga Marg, a Yoga Alliance registered school in India offers yoga teacher training courses with internationally recognized RYT 200 certification and beginner level yoga classes.