Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga (Ashtanga Vinyasa)

Ashtanga Yoga is also called ‘Power Yoga’ and it is modern form of Classic Yoga. This style of Yoga mainly focuses on coordinating breath with asans (postures) to create harmony between body and mind. This style of yoga is considered for intense workout because a person has to control and breathe rhythmically while maintaining postures. After Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga is preferred by most people because it creates a sense of seriousness and dedication towards yoga and life’s direction.
Usually at first people find it hard to follow this style but as  dedication increase and people start giving it more time, they start getting comfortable while doing it and the results were up to the par.

Its Benefits:-

With mind’s peace and soul’s stability Ashtanga Yoga offers full body workout regime and has some keys points for losing weight which are not present in other styles. If someone wants to tone their body, Ashtanga Yoga is best compare to many other exercises. This style has many extra ordinary benefits which are illustrated below.

Weight Losing:-

Ashtanga Yoga is widely chosen for shedding weight and extra body fat. Nowadays, it is recommended by weight management specialists to those who know basic yoga. Hatha Yoga and other styles of yoga helps to lose weight but in this area Ashtanga comes first.

• Toned Body & Flexibility:-

Ashtanga Yoga is idle for toning your body because it involves lots of muscles stretching asans (postures) which increase flexibility and tones overall body instead of giving a bulky and puffy look. Lots of people are adopting this style’s asans to achieve the same and they have got very good results.

• Strength:-

This style strengthen the body core making people more fit physically as well as providing enormous energy to body. Ashtanga Yoga is not only for body’s workout but it is a source of great amount of energy to body which cannot be achieved by other styles.

• Stamina:-

As Ashtanga Yoga strengthen and works on muscles. It automatically develop or increase stamina very much which develop immunity against diseases, extreme weather, weakness, etc.

• Cleansing:-

Ashtanga Yoga clean body & mind, detoxifying and purifying both of them. This result in better concentration and better condition & strengthening of digesting system.

• Monkey Mind:-

You must be thinking that what is this Monkey Mind? Actually monkey mind is referred to someone whose mind can’t concentrate on anything for any period, not even for small time.
Today, this problem is increasing rapidly because of high tension but by Ashtanga Yoga monkey mind can be cured and a person can develop concentration power.

• Peace:-

Yoga can give you peace and this applies to Ashtanga style Yoga too because it doesn’t only give you peace between noises or noisy environment but makes our whole personality peaceful which means that you won’t be getting angry much fast ad remaining your cool.

• Personality:-

This style of yoga develops a stronger personality of a person because it balances the mind and makes body healthy. This combination will naturally adopt habits which are beneficial and not harmful. There is still no clear explanation about why this happens in case of yoga and not in other exercises.

• It would take 20 more pages to tell its benefits and still they will be not enough.

Ashtanga Yoga focuses on both aspects of modern yoga-asans and pranayam.
It give equal weight to both and channelize energy in the whole body which make a person feel more close to god ad create a environment of spirituality all around that person. A person got transformed so much that he or she doesn’t want to leave this systematic life at all cost.
At Yoga Marg, we give Ashtanga Yoga training to our students with other styles and we have very experienced Ashtanga yoga teachers training in India at all our centers.