About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the system of medicine which is founded and practiced in India from very early times, although ayurveda’s origin cannot be traced completely but its assumed origin is Atharva-veda (one of the four Vedas in Hinduism). Ayurvedic medicines are mostly made up of herbs and minerals instead of chemicals used in Allopathic medicines (medicines which we use in day to day life like pain killers, anti-biotic, etc,).

It can be said that ayurvedic medicines are the better alternative of allopathic medicines as they don’t have any side effects or residual effects but a person has to keep in mind if he/she is allergic to any herbs or plants.

The ayurvedic medicines can completely cure any disease and not only suppress them for some time like allopathic medicines does which is very harmful for human body.

It is not unknown to many people that long term use of painkillers can damage or fail your kidneys or long term use of antibiotic can destroy your immune system completely and etc, etc, etc. but with ayurveda a disease can be cured naturally without any synthetic material although it will take longer time to cure compared to other type of medicines but `it cures a disease completely and free a person from diseases without any side effects.

It is regrettable and shameful that people falsely promote ayurveda by selling fake medicines to gain money which is damaging ayurveda’s reputation in many ways and it is our duty to raise voice against it and spread awareness, which is what we do at our yoga schools.

Its Work

Ayurveda practice can be seen very interesting and intriguing topic to many people as they must have not seen various ayurvedic procedures. We can’t sum up exactly how any cure process is going to be done, it can include doses of herbal medicine or it can be application of ayurvedic oil or ubtan (paste) to the affected body area. Medicine can include any part of plants, minerals and other natural technique of curing diseases.

If a person wants to kill the pain or want to become normal quickly, he should opt for allopathic medicines but if a person wants to REALLY regain his health and wants to cure a disease or diseases completely he should choose ayurveda with eyes close.

Biggest living proof of aurveda’s efficient working is that nowadays people are adopting it to cure their ailments and they were surprised to see the results as they didn’t even expected 10% change but got almost 100% results.

Relation of Yoga and Ayurveda

Yoga and ayurveda’s connection can’t be ignored because they are complimentary to each other and in some way they complete each other. At one side yoga teaches us about ‘How to live healthy life through yoga practicing.’ and on the other hand ayurveda teach us ‘How to live healthy life by really curing diseases.’

The aim of both is to give healthy and sound life to human beings, one use asans (postures), pranayam (meditation) and the other one use roots, stems and various plants, herbs but the aim of both of these is same.

To put it more simply yoga helps in maintaining health he/she has and ayurveda helps in regaining that health by curing any disease he/she have.

Some will not believe but it is true that ayurveda can cure diabetes, high and low blood pressure, obesity, depression, and many other diseases and problems which are becoming common day by day.

Yoga is the practice of balancing mind, body and soul and ayurveda contribute to the body aspect of yoga. Yoga teaches us how to prevent any disease and ayurveda teach how to cure a disease that a person already has.

So, it can be concluded from the above that ayurveda is necessary organ of yoga and can’t be ignored. That’s why at Yoga Marg, we teach about ayurveda with yoga so a student can have a good grip on both these subjects which is very essential.

The yoga teacher training in Rishikesh at Yoga Marg teaches theoretical aspects of ayurveda in different class by imparting full knowledge about it and same is at our other Yoga Marg centers in India where we teach about everything needed to make a good yoga student including ayurveda too.