Certified Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa

About Goa

Goa is called Rome of the East & Paradise and is famous worldwide for tourism. Goa is known for its excellent beaches, churches, high parties and for many other things, but its popularity for yoga centers or retreats is not as much. But think again and imagine yourself on an exotic beach doing yoga and pranayam drinking your natural surroundings and relaxing completely without a single worry in the world. Great imagination- right, as I said before that Goa is not so much famous for yoga but still it is one of the desired place for doing yoga (keyword is so). One of the main reasons for this is that it gives us a good whether with very good beaches and lots of natural environment around. So, it is an idle setup for doing yoga and having the experience of your lifetime. You will be thrilled by all of this, it’s a guarantee.

In Goa, yoga centers are developing very fast and now people has started counting Goa in the list of “best places for doing yoga” all of this is because of its beauty combined with idle environment. Goa is the perfect blend of Indian and western culture and this is one of the most important reason in attracting tourists from all over the world. If you see Goa then you will see lots of yoga centers and retreats around. People are very generous and welcome everyone openly and with heart melting warmth, you won’t even feel as if you are away from your home.

Yoga Retreats in Goa:-

Goa’s yoga retreats are very famous in Goa itself as well as in rest of India. You can choose from various styles of yoga like ashtanga, vinyasa, hath, bikram and iyengar styles, it totally depends on you whether you want to learn one style or combination of two or more. These yoga retreats offer you almost everything you can imagine- relaxing yoga holiday to 200 hours yoga training, all of this just for you. You don’t have to learn anything before going to Goa yoga retreats, just come here, learn yoga, relax and have the time of your lifetime in this paradise. Almost every retreat offers you a accommodation with great service and healthy & hygienic food so your yoga sessions have more impact on your mind, soul and body.

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Yoga Courses in Goa:-

There are lots of places in Goa where yoga courses are offered to everyone. We are not talking about yoga retreats here, but saying that yoga in Goa is not restricted to yoga retreats because there are great places which offer from a simple light yoga sessions to 300 hours yoga training. Goa has excellent Certified yoga teacher training course in India and in foreign countries too and our yoga school/resort comes in this category. These Certified yoga teacher training course has all styles of yoga which we already mentioned in yoga retreats section and also our yoga school has all the available yoga courses in Goa India. You can also become a yoga practitioner with great knowledge on the subject, so you can practice yoga by yourself and spread more awareness of its magic. We have best Certified yoga teachers teaching in Goa, Rishikesh and Dharamsala with pure dedication and happiness.

Why Yoga Marg

We don’t only teach yoga and pranayam but we always try to change the way you view and live your life. We wanted to help everyone who come to us with everything we have. We charge fees from you but at the same time we give you something which is very unique and priceless- Yoga. We bring you peace, healthy body, opening your mind completely and give the power and energy to do everything right and take right decisions, all of this at a same time. We guarantee that after some days you wouldn’t want to go from here at any cost because of all the things we are offering you.

In Goa, our yoga school/resort is spread over 5 acres of land near the beach providing you the option of doing yoga on an exotic beach and creating new experience. Our students loves us and we love them back. We have beautiful cottages for your residing with furnished room which are maintained in a simple luxury inspired by traditional yogis, all the cottages have toilets and bathroom with 24/7 hot water supply.

Our resort is 100% secured with security guards and everything in our resort is done systematically to avoid any complications. We have eating facility too but if you want to enjoy local cuisine then you can eat outside of resort and there are plenty of restaurants and shops near our resort. You can eat in the resort too, we serve very hygienic food and 3 vegetarian meals from Monday to Friday and we have an arrangement of drinking mineral water.

Get up in the morning by birds melodious singing and sleep at night after overlooking the beautiful beach and waves from your balcony.


Goa is a marvelous place to learn yoga, and Yoga Marg is one the best place to learn it. Many of you didn’t believe all this, thinking that we are saying these good things for promotion, but when you see the environment and our services you will definitely believe us. We have best yoga teachers, best services, best place to learn it and last but not the least having time for yourself, making friends, learning new culture & people and PEACE which you deserve. Let’s not pass the chance of something this great and becoming a new you.

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