Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Yoga is one of the most desirous exercise for people all around the world. But still, very less people know that it is not an exercise but a science to unify and purify your mind, body and soul (all at a time). Now, it’s time to talk about hath yoga- it is a style of yoga.

Do you know that what you call ‘yoga’ is actually hatha yoga.

Hatha Yoga is very famous all around the world for its asans (postures), it is the most accepted form of yoga and can be said one of the earliest form of yoga too. Hatha yoga has six parts but people usually do only two- asans and pranayam. They are more than enough to give you a healthy body with purified soul and right mind.

Its Benefits:-

Hatha Yoga is a complete yoga style but mostly people adopt it because of its immediate positive results on body. Usually, people focus on asans to get the desirable and healthy body naturally and little focus on prannayam to relax mind and develop concentration. All in all, hatha yoga has so many benefits be it small or big.

•  Health & Flexibility :-

Hatha Yoga will make your whole body healthy and at the same time your body will obtain the natural flexibility you desire. Please note that flexibility can’t be obtained by doing yoga for some days, you have to do it for a specific duration to gain complete flexibility.

• Calmness :-

Hatha Yoga will make you a calmer person and you will be a bit shocked to see that your mind will works more fast, you will have a right mindset, there will be no tension and you can enjoy anything and everything with full heart.

• Strength & Immunity :-

It will strengthen you physically as you will do asans daily which make your body stronger. Also yoga will make you immune to diseases and you will be less prone to many kinds of disease.

• Stronger Spine :-

As you will do many back related asans, it will automatically strengthen your spine and this will make your nerve system more strong.
Our nerve system sends signal to brain about various organs and it is necessary for healthy organs to have a good nerve system.

• Habits :-

Just doing Hatha Yoga for several days will start showing results on your normal habits. You will start eating more means your appetite will increase (but you have to take care of avoiding junk food) and it will also decrease emotional eating to a great extent, you will sleep more to rejuvenate your body and at last you will start adapting good habits naturally.

• Soul :-

You will become a happier person and will be satisfied with your lifestyle, your body, mind and soul and you don’t have to find peace because it will find you through Hatha Yoga.

• Balance :-

Hatha means sun and moon signifying the balance of both. Hatha Yoga aims at balancing our body with soul and soul with body and creating same pace within them and when these both are at same page your mind will be steady, which is why you feel complete transformation within yourself.

• Eliminating toxins :-

Doing Hatha Yoga continuously will flush out toxin from your body which result in leaving bad habits like smoking, drinking or any other addiction because when these toxins mix in our blood they cause craving for them and that’s why people are unable to leave their addiction and move on.

And the list goes on….

Today, people had adopted the MODERN Hatha Yoga meaning that they are doing the modern version of it. Many studies have shown that it can be harmful to the human body. That’s why at Yoga Marg, we teach traditional Hatha Yoga and have very experienced hath yoga teachers teaching in India at all our centers and students are having complete TRADITIONAL Hatha Yoga training with us.