Yoga Teacher

paulaPaula Huolman:
Paula is certified Multi Style Yoga teacher, KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Somatic Movement Educator, Community Educator and she holds an MA in Dance and Somatic Well-being. She is originally from Lapland and  her passion for yoga and movement led her to study across Europe and India. Through years of devotion to Vipassana Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Somatic Movement, she connected deeper into the life force and to the transformative potential that is contained within ourselves. Through her personal devotion to Yoga she has realized the many benefits of this powerfully transformative practice, that has potential for physical, mental and spiritual change. She studied Kundalini Yoga in Sahej Academy, UK and Multi Style yoga in Yoga Mystica, India and is grateful to share these profound sacred practices.

Paula imparts her passion for holistic wellbeing in her teachings where she seeks to inspire people to find their fullest potential and ability to gain self-responsibility, where the potential is rooted in ancient practices and yoga traditions. Happiness is our birthright and no matter what our background, age, state of health, or religion is, we are capable of finding our innate ability to uplift ourselves and recognise our awareness.

rita1Rita was born in France and was  working in the  alternative education field , as well as in the  documentary and TV industry before settling in India 21 year ago it is in India that her yogic journey began when  she was expecting her first child and discovered the therapeutically and spiritual elements of yoga that helped her then  and  made  yoga part of her  way of life . She traveled in  different parts  of the world  and  India , became an Ayurveda masseur  and studied  various styles and techniques of yoga  , incorporating them into her self practice  in order to deepen her understanding of the levels of teaching styles and practices.
In the classes and  workshops she is conducting she s trying to integrate her  knowledge of yoga, with it s therapeutic applications  and other healing techniques  in order to share and guide students in the path of self discovery .
Having a family in India , Rita is fully aware of the cultural demands and also sensitive to her own practice which she ensures is a part of her daily routine.She teaches iyengar, hatha yoga , vinyasa flow and is an excellent guide to students who are looking to grow and enhance there physical as well as mental practice her other personal  research revolves around  what concerns alternative ‘ holistic  therapies, the power of thoughts and bridging spirituality and science

Rita is an Ayurvedic and chavuthi masseur and a certified yoga instructor from vyoma ( Vivekananda Yoga mahavidyapeetham) in Bangalore. She also studied  BKS iyengar classic and therapeutic yoga with e. Viegas ,and with bramacharia rudra dev at the yoga study center in rishikesh and certified in multi style yoga teaching.

photo_0151220538vvowdbShekhar Raturi
Shekhar is a great combination of humbleness, authenticity and honesty and this reflects in his yoga teaching too. He don’t believe in hushing and rushing students to extensive yoga asans but always tries to make a strong base for their learning by consecutively teaching asans and pranayam which are of beginner level. This approach is highly appreciated by everyone because if yoga is not done in correct way then it may not benefit learners as it should and their body can’t be prepared for more extensive asans leaving them not able to perform yoga as desired by them.
Mr. Shekhar teaches asans, pranayam and kriyas during yoga teaching imparting knowledge to students about their importance, benefits and more knowledge about spirituality. He teaches more complex and extensive yoga in traditional hatha style after completely making a foundation to make mind and body ready for stepping ahead and doing advanced asans.
Also, the extensive yoga is sequenced, keeping in mind warming up and strengthening body by easy asans and then one by one going to more complex ones. By this approach students can learn complex asans without much problem and not getting hurt or injured while doing asans. Although injuries and hurting is not common while practicing yoga but precautions should be taken to avoid any chance of it.
He believes that anything can be achieved, all a person has to do is fully dedicate himself and practice in the area he devotes himself to.

“Continuous practice with full dedication and devotion surely takes us wherever we want to be” – this is his personal experience and believe.
Mr. Shekhar has studied yoga from several teachers and at and different ashrams around India. He practices ashtanga vinyasa yoga and hatha yoga for many years. Mr. Shail found great satisfaction and joy in give knowledge and teaching yoga to practitioner with full devotion. And this joyness has taken him to various places in India, in Thailand for 2 years and also in China for 2 months to cross the boundaries and spread yoga and its knowledge, benefits, etc.

krista1Krista Koster
Krista has been active as dancer, choreographer and dance teacher about 20 years, working with professional and hobby groups, adults, youngsters, children in Estonia and aboard. Her performances have been shown in Italy, Macedonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Estonia and she has been internationally collaborating with artist from Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, USA.
Krista’s performance „Camouflage“ was nominated by Estonian Theater Awards for best dance performance 2011. Her works for students have been awarded with first price and special awards in several times at Koolitans“ festival, which is the biggest dance competition for children and youngsters in Estonia.
Last winter Krista traveled to India and made her long time dream to become a Certified Yoga teacher, true. She completed 200h Yoga Teacher Training in Goa and holds Yoga Alliance Multi style Yoga Teacher Certificate. At the moment Krista is sharing everything she learned and experienced in regular Hatha Yoga classes at Tallinn Russian Theater (3x week) and working with young figure skaters at Professional Figure Scatting School giving them both yoga and dance classes to help improve in theyr results (5x week). She is also teaching regularly contemporary and jazz dance in Tallinn University Institute of Fine Arts Choreography department, Agneta Dance Studio and FDS Dance School.

photo_0151220551toyyvhYogi Hari
Hari had been very privileged of being born in the family who are dedicated to yoga and follow The Raman Maha Rishi and his teaching, living in a small village in the mountains of Himalayas, and it is widely believed that this place is the home of Yoga as Lord Shankar lives in Himalaya and imparted about yoga to saints and sadhus here. Mr. Hari’s family environment allowed and encouraged him to follow the path of yoga and he started his journey at a very early age. As time followed and he got older, he started learning yoga and its techniques from experienced yogis and saints in the vicinity because there are large number of sadhus, saints and yogis present in Himalayas who live there in peace and spirituality to get closer to God. They have taught him that yoga can be learned by itself and the true meaning of life and its purpose can be also known by itself.
This is said by those great yogis to Hari- ‘yoga can only be learned from within and a person himself is his best teacher.’
Later Hari started practicing Iyengar Yoga by the guidance of Sharat Arora, a complete Iyengar guru who inspired him to adopt this style of yoga with pure dedication and devotion. He still continues to practice Iyengar Yoga It is Mr. Hari belief that complete mental and body peace can only be achieved by the right and correct alignment of body which can be done by doing yoga asans in a proper way. He found that this is the key for peace as well as discipline in life. Mr. Hari has dedicated his whole life to yoga and got true knowledge of life in return, which he likes to share with his students.
As quoted by him- “Yoga as a way to uncover the complete potential of liberation, which is dormant in every human being.
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mr. Hari is very knowledgeable yoga teacher with kind and helping heart.

photo_0151220541otfflqShail is the ERYT 200 500 yoga teacher and certified with Yoga alliance USA.
Our yoga school is not an organization or institute, it consists of all the qualities of a real family and this applies to our yoga faculty too. Shail is the Man of Pure Dedication and also he is the one who mostly influence the feeling of family around everyone. Yoga Faculty has always believed in the guidance of family by its guardians and elders.
Shail has started his yoga journey at the mere age of 16. His interest and aspiration towards yoga has differentiated him from everyone whose life purposes are to live in material world. He has dedicated his life to achieve the knowledge and perfection of yoga. Shail has followed many Great Yogis and served them as their student for 20 long years, his devotion towards learning yoga got him closer to ‘spiritual gurus’ who taught him many great theories of ‘Yoga Darshan’ and life’s spiritual path.
Shail is not less than a magnificent gem of yoga. After almost 20 years of learning and training under Yoga Masters, he had visited Rishikesh and got in the companies of Great Yogis and Masters, during his visit he had gained enormous amount of knowledge about Vedic chanting, Sanskrit, Upanishads and ancient culture and customs of sadhus & gurus.
After learning complete yoga means every single technique, rules and every style of yoga, he has taken admission in Gujarat Vidyapeeth. Shail completed his diploma course of yoga instructing and got certification in yoga science course from the same. Being a qualified diploma holder allowed him to treat and cure many diseases like diabetes, back pain, high blood pressure, cervical spondylitis, obesity and many stress related problems. This made him a more confident and satisfied man as he was able to cure these diseases with the help of yoga. Shail always tries to make to Indian yoga programs to attend and also give lectures and spread the word about yoga.

Shail is great yoga teacher and knows various styles of yoga like, Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Shivananda yoga and Mantra yoga and teaches in many cities like Dharamasala, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Goa, Udaipur, Bodhgaya, Varanasi and Varkala in Kerala and also in other parts of India too.
Shail possesses great knowledge and studied our immense heritage –the Upanishads, the Vedas, Vedanta and the Bhagvad Gita.
Shail has imparted his knowledge of yoga on his students and blessed them for a healthy and happy life. Now, he has started his journey as a yoga teacher in the yoga field after learning and précising yoga. His teaching is not limited to India. Mr. Shail is very dedicated to yoga teaching and to many other welfare activities with full heart. His simplicity and knowledge about yoga makes him very inspiring and great teacher in the yoga field.